She has always been interested in creative experiences and tries to reflect on these in her clinical and theoretical practice as well as in her daily life.
Fervently attached to travelling and encounters with different languages and cultures in all of their forms, from metaphors to real experiences, she has a preference for transmission in its poetic and literary forms.
Psychoanalyst, she was formed as a psychiatrist and is a former Chef de Clinique at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris.
Full member of the Parisian Psychoanalytic Society (SPP) and International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), her work, articles and conferences concern the realm of art, the analytic process in artists and explore creativity, writing, skin and the sense of touch, sensorial experiences.

This led her to develop a literary website in 2007, that transmits in literary and poetic forms, investigations on creativity, language, art, writing and psychic processes, travelling or tango, inspired by random encounters, in a way that might be called exploratory workshops. The website includes articles on psychoanalysis and art.
The creation of this literary website has intensified the author’s relationship with artists and the artistic milieu and has proved to be a way of transmission and exchange with her colleagues.

The website Psychanalyse et Art en L’île Saint-Louis is informative of the author’s clinical practice.

Iles are places for art and wandering, expressing both closure and openness. An island is like a port that suggests the passing, the arrivals and the departures rather than daily life. Closed and intimate places, they allow for closure and a deep interior life. Closure is not a summary but a paradigm, the Heimlich, from which derives Unheimlich that was so dear to Freud in the field of creation. These two paradigms both cloture and opening or overture towards the horizon, are essential and cannot work separately one without the other. Together they create a respiration, a breath between these two vital and essential dimensions. Thanks to both and to the permanent psychic movement they induce and which can be figured in the territory of an island, an exiled can become a voyageur, the adventure of desire will replace the vengeance of destiny, and it is the same for the exiled areas in every human soul.
The art finds in islands a privileged destiny. Every island wants to be a fertile ground for thoughts and dreams. Because of this, psychoanalytic practice often has a perspective that rejoins artistic creativity.
Texts on islands can be found in the author’s literary website.

In her office in the Ile de Saint-Louis, Martine Vautherin-Estrade works as a psychoanalyst and can provide psychoanalytic consultations, psychotherapies and psychoanalysis. She also receives professionals that wish to discuss their psychiatric or psychotherapeutic clinical practice and on occasion she accompanies artistic projects.

Martine Vautherin-Estrade

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